Mrs. H

Well people this is my story. I am a mom of two awesome boys age 13 n 15 so I am still trying to work off the baby fat !Ha ha. Over the last 10 years I would say I have gained and lost 60 lbs it has always been an issue in my life, weather I a lighter or at my heaviest been told your not quiet their let has never failed to leave peoples mouths. Or my most favorite you have such a pretty face if you could just lose 40 or 50 lbs you would feel so much better! It amazes me how people feel free to give advice even when I don't ask for it. Oh and just because I am heavy it doesn't mean i sit around the house eating bonbons all day long. I think moms are pulled in so many different directions that maybe getting take out or grabbing dinner out of a frozen bag is just a reallety.

Well things changed for me in the last month and I don't know why it was seeing me  in a pic with some girl friends instead of the doctor telling me i had pre-diabeties to make me make some changes!

I though holly shit I am the fat friend?

Well no more i started to protein diet then switched to south beach n haven't looked back .  feel good and the best part is the support and friendship I have from my "fluffy bitches" you girls rock. And ladies there is always room for more.

I will start to post some low carb lean dinner ideas the only way i can succeed at this to to meal plan and get the support from my girls when i am joanzing for something sweet.

Thanks girls we can do this!!!                         Taunya Harris

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