Mrs. S

My heaviest and My thinnest

This is me............Mrs. S
Here is my story, I am a mother of 3 wonderful daughters ages 15, 10 & 4. I am also married to the love of my life, my best friend Mr. S. My weight has been a LIFE long journey of ups & downs(more UPS than downs, LOL) Now that I have a complete family it's time to focus on ME for once. I am ready for a life of healthy fun! I was a young mother so I started off fairly skinny and was wearing a size 12 jeans. through the past 15 years I have gone from a size 12 to a size 22 back down to a 16 to jump back up to a 24. I mean really, this is getting old and I want to be comfortable in my own skin. Here is some of my journey, digital cameras don't go back as far as my journey so here is what I have on hand, LOL.

This is me at probably my heaviest, yes I was smiling but I was very uncomfortable taking pictures, most of my pictures are head shots only, LOL to avoid seeing the BODY! This was before my third child born, no I wasn't pregnant. Oh and that is me on the left, not to be confused with the lady on the right LMAO!

This was me July 15 2008, preggers with baby#3. which I delivered 8/2. I turned out to be gestational diabetic so I went on a very strict diet, it almost got to the point of giving myself shots everyday, but I quickly turned that around with diet and exercise(why can't I I do that for myself, I great for my baby). So I ended up delivering at a weight 25 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant, which was ok as I was being monitored by the doctors and I was large to begin with.

So that was 4 years ago...............

Here I am April 2012 at Mrs. J baby shower

Here I am with my Momma August 2012
(15 pounds lighter and fitting in my clothes with ease)

September 2012 with Baby#2
Less fat = More wrinkles ( I will take the wrinkles over fat anyday, LMAO)
I am working on 10 years of baby fat from this one ;)

As of Sept 19 I was down a total of 22lbs and am back into a size 18 jean.

This is a long journey and I'm glad I have my girls here with me for support!
So here we go ladies, we can do this!

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