Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to Mrs. S
I turned 33 years young!

We went out on an all day shopping spree
and I had the best time ever and enjoyed
the company of my friends for my Birthday.

Went to Target, tried on clothes and accessories, dang we are HAWT!
I didn't find any clothes at Target so we started shopping for our children.........WHOA WAIT A MINUTE, lets get out of this store because this is not a children shopping day this is a day to spoil ourselves!

At Maurices I found an outfit, went down a pant size to an 18 and got the size 1 shirt! oh and by the way these are Silver jeans. I've never owned a good pair of jeans and these fit great a look good!

(So here are my new jeans, they make my thighs look kinda skinny)

After Maurices I was lucky enough to be taken out to lunch by Mrs. J & Mrs. H to the Bonefish grill. We splurged since it was my birthday and had the Bang Bang tacos and we also had a few Birthday Drinks

Soooooooooo............................This is me after my birthday drinks
My friends made me try these jeans and hat on, aren't they nice?
This was a total Facebook pic, LOL LOL Thanks girls!

So after the mall we decided to check out the local craft store, it's a newer store that I had not really been in before(I'm so not the crafty type!)

Mrs.J was wearing newer shoes that were hurting her toes so we(Mrs. H and myself) decided Mrs. J needed a wheelchair so her toesies would feel better. Let's just say it was interesting and fun, we told the associate that Mrs. J broke her toe while we were shopping. LOL LOL

Then Mrs. H found Blue Balls for her Xmas Tree......Oh WoW!!

I had a little extra birthday money and went shopping alone,
found some shirts and got my Nails did! 
I'm excited to say I am buying size 14/16 tops!! WOOT WOOT!


All and all I had an amazing birthday celebration
(week long shopping adventure)
I have great friends and I'm glad we have each other for this journey!  Cheers to another amazing year, and an even better year to come! Thanks Ladies!!!

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