Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 1

We all met at Mrs. J's house to weigh in the first time. We didn't know what everyone weighed and we were all a little nervous. It was a hurry up and get on the scale - cause this shit is embarrassing!
Mrs. S - 225
Mrs. H - 260
Mrs. J - 195
After that frighten weigh in, I asked the ladies...What is your goal?
No one would give a number, they gave me a size. Which is okay, sometimes it doesn't matter what you weigh, it's how you feel in your jeans. - Not really, we all want to be that "dream" weight but no one wanted to say it out loud.
Mrs. S - Size 12/14
Mrs. H - Size 14
Mrs. J - Size 9/10
I also asked what every one's first goal was - you have to have different goals to work up to.
You have to reward yourself.
Mrs. S - 219  Mrs. J - 180  Mrs. H - 260
Then we started getting to know each other a little more. Mrs. H & Mrs. S have seen each other a few times at parties but never really met. Mrs. H & Mrs. J started the South Beach right after September 1st. WE hated that group picture and was ready to do something about it. Mrs. S decided back in August that she was tired of being heavy - she got on this secret diet pill and didn't really change the way she eat, well she did...she eat less but didn't eat healthy. She was ready to start the challenge with us. So we gave her the run down on the South Beach diet. I think she liked the idea by the time she left us that night.


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